The ECF CHOICES Program began enrollment on July 1, 2016. Enrollment occurs through an on-line referral form on TennCare’s website or by contacting an individual's MCO or their DIDD Regional Office.  Below are links to documents and resources that follow the progress of Fulfill the Promise.

ECF Recruitment Flyer
De-bunking the Myths about ECF CHOICES
ECF Emergency Rule Filing
ECF Rulemaking Hearing
The Arc Comments on ECF Amendments
DIDD Wait List Notice
ECF Self-referral form explanation
Self-referral link
ECF CHOICES Educational Material
Member Benefit Table
ECF Referral List Enrollment & Prioritization
ECF CHOICES Referral Form

Janet Shouse’s Blogs on ECF CHOICES:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Introduction to ECF CHOICES [PowerPoint]
ECF Overview [PowerPoint]
ECF One-pager [Word]
ECF One-pager {Acrobat Reader]
Amendment 27 ECF CHOICES [Acrobat Reader]
The Arc TN Feedback on Amendment 27 [Word]
DIDD/DDPPC Feedback on Amendment 27 [Word]
TennCare-DIDD Concept Paper Stakeholder Input Summary [Acrobat Reader]
Concept Paper Summary Current Waiver [Acrobat Reader]
Concept Paper Summary Waiting List [Acrobat Reader]
DIDD Concept Paper Community Meetings Presentation [Acrobat Reader]
DIDD/TennCare Concept Paper [Acrobat Reader]